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Faro Airport Transfers ⇄ Castro Marim

Welcome to the ultimate guide on private taxi transfers from Faro Airport to Castro Marim. We understand the importance of a seamless journey, and our commitment to excellence ensures a stress-free and comfortable transportation experience. Explore the advantages of our services, including meet & greet with luggage assistance, premium vehicles, English-speaking chauffeurs, and competitive pricing.

faro airport transfer to castro marim

Discover Castro Marim, Algarve

Nestled in the Eastern Algarve, Castro Marim beckons with its charm. Located approximately 60 Km from Faro Airport, this municipality offers a unique blend of historical richness and natural beauty. Explore its civil parishes, including the town of Castro Marim itself, and experience the Algarve like never before.

Hotels in Castro Marim

Our private taxis cater to diverse travel needs, ensuring swift and exclusive transport to hotels and resorts. Here are some frequently requested accommodations:

  • Castro Marim Golf & Country Club
  • Espargosa Monte de Baixo
  • Monte do Malhao
  • Quinta da Fornalha
  • Quinta do Vale Golf Resort

Efficient Transport Options

Public Taxis

If you seek direct transportation to your holiday haven in Castro Marim, public taxis might pose challenges. With no direct connection from Faro Airport, your options are limited.

Private Transfers Faro Airport : Castro Marim

Opting for a private transfer ensures affordability, personalization, and convenience. Fixed prices for any address in Castro Marim, minibuses for larger groups, and enhanced safety for infants make private transfers the superior choice.

For a detailed comparison, refer to our private vs. public taxis table.

Public Taxis to Castro Marim

Fare Details

  • 4 PAX Public Taxi:
    • Start/Minimum Fare: 3.25€
    • Fare per km: 0.94€
    • Fare per idle time: 0.25€ per min
    • Luggage compartment: 1.60€
    • Estimated total cost to Castro Marim: 90€

Important Considerations

  • Public taxis are 20% more expensive than pre-booked private transfers.
  • Summer months experience increased waiting times at the taxi rank.
  • Larger taxis for groups over 4 persons may not be readily available, leading to potential additional costs.

Private Faro Airport Transfers: The Superior Choice

Key Advantages

  • Affordability: Fixed prices and cost-effective transfers.
  • Comfort: Skip the airport taxi rank queues and enjoy air-conditioned, Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles.
  • Safety: Pre-installed safety seats for infants at no extra charge.
  • Flexibility: Meet & greet with luggage assistance by English-speaking chauffeurs.

Transfer Options and Prices

  • Private Transfers:
    • 4 PAX: 65€
  • Mercedes Van:
    • 8 PAX: 75€

Hotel Transfers to Castro Marim

Enjoy the convenience of private taxis directly to your chosen hotel in Castro Marim. Our fixed fares cater to various group sizes:

  • Castro Marim Golf & Country Club:
    • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€
  • Espargosa Monte de Baixo:
    • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€
  • Monte do Malhao:
    • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€
  • Quinta da Fornalha:
    • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€
  • Quinta do Vale Golf Resort:
    • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€

Transfer Prices to Nearby Destinations

Faro Airport Transfers ⇄ Castro Marim:

  • 4 PAX: 65€ | 5 to 8 PAX: 75€
  • Travel distance/time: 60 Km / 60 mins

Other Castro Marim Area Destinations:

  • Altura: 55€ | 69€ (62 Km / 45 mins)
  • Praia Verde: 65€ | 75€ (65 Km / 45 mins)


faro airport to castro marim

For a hassle-free, cost-effective, and comfortable journey to Castro Marim, choose our private taxi transfers. Enjoy the best of Algarve with reliable, premium services tailored to meet your travel needs. Book now and experience transportation excellence!