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Faro Airport Transfers ⇄  Praia da Luz

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Faro Airport Transfers to Praia da Luz. We understand the importance of a seamless and stress-free journey from the airport to your final destination. Our premium transport services aim to provide exclusive arrival and departure experiences at the best prices. Discover the convenience of private taxis, minibuses, and coaches with friendly English-speaking chauffeurs, offering a meet & greet service with luggage assistance.

Praia da Luz, Lagos

Situated within the Lagos municipality in the Western Algarve, Praia da Luz is an idyllic destination approximately 89 Km from Faro Airport. Transfer times vary, taking around 1 hour and 25 minutes, contingent on your specific location in Praia da Luz and traffic conditions.

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Hotels in Praia da Luz

We specialize in private taxis for hotel transfers, reaching holiday villas, or any designated address in Praia da Luz. Explore our list of preferred hotels and resorts in Praia da Luz, including Baia da Luz, Club House CVL, Estrela da Luz, Hotel Belavista Da Luz, and more.

Transport Options from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz

For travelers heading to the Algarve, ground transportation from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz is a crucial consideration. As there are no train or public bus connections directly from the airport to Praia da Luz, you have two main options: private taxi transfer or a regular public taxi.

Faro Airport ⇄ Praia da Luz: Price Comparison

Nr. of PassengersPrivate Taxi TransferPublic Taxi
up to 4 PAX€90€98
5 to 8 PAX€100€125

Public taxi prices are estimates; private transfer prices are fixed for any address in Praia da Luz.

Private Transfers vs. Public Taxis to Praia da Luz

In general, private transfer prices are considerably lower than public taxis, offering a personalized, faster, and hassle-free alternative. Private transfers cater to larger groups, providing minibuses and coaches. Additionally, pre-booked private transfers are safer for those traveling with infants, ensuring the availability of child safety equipment on board.

For a detailed comparison between public and private taxis, refer to the private vs. public taxis comparison table.

Public Taxis: Faro Airport ⇄ Praia da Luz

Standard public taxis at Faro Airport, like those in the rest of Portugal, apply variable fares based on kilometers traveled and idle time. The estimated total cost to Praia da Luz may vary based on your hotel’s exact address and traffic conditions.

Faro Airport ⇄ Praia da Luz: Public Taxi Fares

Fare/Charge4 PAX Public Taxi8 PAX Public Taxi
Taxi start/minimum fare€3.25€3.25
Taxi fare per km€0.94 / Km€1.21 / Km
Taxi fare per idle time€0.25 / min€0.25 / min
Use of taxi boot/luggage compartment€1.60€1.60
Estimated total cost to Praia da Luz€91€115

Public taxis to Praia da Luz may increase by 20% during nighttime services, weekends, and holidays.

Be aware that public taxis are, on average, 20% more expensive than pre-booking a private airport transfer. During busy summer months, waiting times at the taxi rank increase significantly.

Private Taxi Transfers: Faro Airport ⇄ Praia da Luz

Avoid the hassles of waiting in lines at Faro Airport taxi ranks by opting for private taxi transfers. Enjoy a faster, more comfortable, and affordable transport alternative with our online booking service.

Benefits of Private Transfers

  • Faster, more comfortable, and affordable.
  • Air-conditioned vehicles to combat Algarve’s summer heat.
  • Free Wi-Fi available on all vehicles.
  • Safety seats for infants installed free of charge.
  • Meet & greet and luggage assistance by professional English-speaking chauffeurs.

Hotel Transfers: Praia da Luz

Our private taxis ensure a direct transfer to your hotel in Praia da Luz without stops en-route. Ideal for those with early morning flights at Faro Airport, our hotel transfer prices are fixed and all-inclusive.

Faro Airport to Hotel/ResortUp to 4 PAX5 to 8 PAX
Baia da Luz€90€100
Club House CVL€90€100
Estrela da Luz€90€100
Hotel Belavista Da Luz€90€100
Hotel Quinta Paraiso da Mia€90€100
Luz Bay Hotel€90€100
Luz Beach Apartments€90€100
Waterside Village Apartments€90€100

Transfer Prices to Praia da Luz Area

Explore our private taxi transfer prices to Praia da Luz and nearby destinations in the Lagos area.

Faro Airport Taxi/Transfer toUp to 4 PAX5 to 8 PAXTravel Distance/Time
Praia da Luz€95€10589 Km / 85 mins
Bensafrim€90€10088 Km / 55 mins
Lagos€90€10084 Km / 60 mins
Odiaxere€85€8577 Km / 70 mins

Faro Airport Transfers ⇄  Praia da Luz

In conclusion, our premium private taxi transfer services from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz offer unbeatable convenience, comfort, and value for money. Book your transfer online now to experience a hassle-free journey to your destination. We look forward to welcoming you at Faro Airport!

How much is a transfer from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz?

The cost of a transfer from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz is 90€ for a taxi up to 4 passengers and 100€ for a taxi up to 7 passengers.

How far is Praia da Luz from Faro Airport?

The distance between Praia da Luz and Faro Airport is 96 kilometers.

How long does it takes a taxi from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz?

A taxi from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz takes about 59 minutes.