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Faro Airport Transfers ⇄  Altura

Welcome to the ultimate guide on private taxi transfers from Faro Airport to Altura, offering an exclusive meet & greet service that ensures a seamless journey to your destination. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as the official supplier of premium vehicles with English-speaking polite chauffeurs, making your travel experience exceptional from the moment you arrive at Faro Airport.

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Altura, Castro Marim

Altura, situated within the Castro Marim municipality in the Eastern Algarve, is a captivating destination located approximately 58 km from Faro Airport. The transfer time is a swift 45 minutes, contingent on your specific location in Altura and traffic conditions.

Hotels in Altura

Our private taxi services extend to various hotels and resorts in Altura, catering to your specific needs. Some of the frequently requested hotel transfers include Alagoa Azul, Apartamentos Turisticos Alagoa Praia, and Eurotel Altura.

Transport Options from Faro Airport to Altura

Public Taxis

Unlike many destinations, Altura lacks direct train or public bus connections from Faro Airport. While public taxis are an option, they involve variable fares based on distance, time, and passenger capacity. It’s worth noting that public taxis can be 20% more expensive during peak times, including nighttime services, weekends, and holidays.

Private Taxi Transfers

Our private taxi transfer service offers a superior alternative. With fixed rates and immediate confirmation through online booking, you can enjoy a more personalized, faster, and hassle-free journey. The following table illustrates a price comparison between private taxi transfers and public taxis, emphasizing the significant cost savings and added benefits of the private transfer service:

Nr. of PassengersPrivate Taxi TransferPublic Taxi
up to 4 PAX60€74€
5 to 8 PAX70€87€

Private Transfers vs. Public Taxis to Altura

In general, private transfer prices are notably lower than public taxis, providing a more personalized, faster, and hassle-free option. The service also caters to larger groups, offering minibuses and coaches. Furthermore, for those traveling with infants, our pre-booked transfer service ensures the availability of child safety equipment on board, setting it apart from public taxis.

Faro Airport ⇄ Altura: Price Comparison

To further emphasize the advantages of private taxi transfers, the table below provides a detailed price breakdown, comparing the estimated total cost of public taxis to Altura with the fixed prices of private transfers:

Fare/Charge4 PAX Public Taxi8 PAX Public Taxi
Taxi start/minimum fare3.25€3.25€
Taxi fare per km0.94€ / Km1.21€ / Km
Taxi fare per idle time0.25€ / min0.25€ / min
Use of taxi boot/luggage1.60€1.60€
Estimated total cost to Altura70€84€


In conclusion, our private taxi transfer service from Faro Airport to Altura stands out as the best value-for-money option. Offering comfort, affordability, and convenience, we ensure a pleasant journey with professional, English-speaking chauffeurs, free Wi-Fi, and safety measures for infants. Choose the superior alternative and book your private taxi transfer now for an unparalleled travel experience.